Vin Hair Vendor – The place provides the most premium hair product

Vietnam has always been famous for having the most famous suppliers. If you are also interested in Vietnamese hair, then Vin Hair Vendor must be the first choice that you should cooperate with. Read through this article to find out why. 

  • 1. The reasons why Vin Hair Vendor is so sought after

The reasons this page listed below will help you understand why Vin Hair Vendor is so popular. 

1.1. Vin Hair Vendor with its own manufacturer

Currently, there are many hair suppliers in the world and Vietnam, but it is rare to find a supplier that has its own hair factory. Vin Hair Vendor is one of the suppliers with a hair factory. 

  • Vin Hair Vendor owns a separate factory which can be said to be the largest in Vietnam with headquarters located in Bac Ninh, Vietnam.
  • From choosing raw ingredients to delivering hair to consumers, they meticulously oversee each step to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Every year, Vin Hair Vendor sells tons of hair to all countries throughout the globe, with the majority of clients hailing from  European, African and North American nations such as Nigeria, Germany, Canada, Ghana, and the United States, among others.

1.2. Vin Hair Vendor with high-quality hair products

Vietnamese hair has long been considered one of the most famous hair types in the world. With its natural straight, black and long characteristics, combined with the careful selection and testing of Vin Hair Vendor, has helped create a Vietnamese hair brand with the most premium products on the current hair market. In particular, unlike many other hair factories, Vin Hair Vendor does not use any chemicals in the production process, giving customers peace of mind when using it.

Variety of hairstyles from Vin Hair Vendor

Variety of hairstyles from Vin Hair Vendor

1.3. Vin Hair Vendor offers the most attractive price in the market

This section will reveal to you why, with such a great product, Vin Hair Vendor can sell at a very reasonable price.

  • The factory of Vin Hair Vendor is placed close to its raw material suppliers in order to reduce storage and shipping costs.
  • All stages of hair production, starting from collection, processing and production are done by themselves. without going through any intermediary. So they were able to save a lot of money for themselves
  • Vin Hair Vendor has a large production capacity that saves both costs and time as they have a factory with modern equipment and a team of skilled employees.

1.4. Vin Hair Vendor with great customers services and policies

This is probably the last important reason why Vin Hair Vendor has been so sought after over the years. 

  • The business representatives who exchange and advise customers of Vin Hair Vendor are all people with in-depth knowledge about hair extensions, products and individual needs. This department often works continuously throughout the day so that it can always support customers in any situation. 
  • With the refund or exchange policies are very transparent so that customers do not need to take precautions when buying their products. With any defective product from Vin Hair Vendor, the customer can exchange it for another product without any additional shipping charges.
  • Only when the deposit is completed, Vin Hair Vendor will begin to manufacture products so that those hair extensions can reach customers as quickly as possible. Finished products of customers will be inspected by video or photo call. If there is anything unsatisfied with the product, the customer can make a request, otherwise, the customer needs to refund the remaining amount and Vin Hair Vendor will immediately ship it to them.
  • Vin Hair Vendor with best-selling products

Vin Hair Vendor offers a wide range of products, but especially the ones listed below, which are always at the top of the list of the products that bring in the most revenue for the company.

2.1. Raw hair – Top 1 best-selling products of Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor’s most popular product is raw hair. Every year, they supply a large amount of this product to the international market.

  • The raw hair of Vin Hair Vendor retains the inherent characteristics of Vietnamese hair because it is not affected by any heat and chemicals.
    • Customers who buy raw hair purchased from Vin Hair Vendor can create any hairstyle and do not lose its shape for a long time because of their natural black, long and smooth characteristics.
  • Raw hair - the best-selling from Vin Hair Vendor

    Raw hair – the best-selling from Vin Hair Vendor

    • The fact that Vin Hair Vendor’s raw hair can be dyed into any color, even the brightest colors of 613, proves that this type of raw hair is extremely strong.
    • If the customer is careful and takes good care of them,  raw hair can last up to 10 years
    • Raw hair is available in most markets around the world and is especially popular in the United States, Europe and Africa. Besides having high technology equipment in hair production, these manufacturers lack quality hair materials. Therefore, Vietnamese raw hair is extremely popular

    2.2. Half Weft – The 2 best-selling products of Vin Hair Vendor

    Half weft can be said to be a product that makes a difference compared to other suppliers in Vietnam and around the world.

    • Half weft from Vin Hair Vendor is always in the top of the best half weft hair suppliers in the world. The reason is because this product is completely sourced from raw Vietnamese hair, and then through the styling and bookmaking process by the professional team of Vin Hair Vendor. Half weft is the type of hair that retains the cuticle on the outside, so it has elasticity and is less prone to shedding. 
  • High-quality half weft from Vin Hair Vendor

    High-quality half weft from Vin Hair Vendor

    • Half weft is now becoming more and more trending and has a very high demand in the market. Especially, currently in African countries, production equipment is not developed enough and the level of labor is very limited, so it is difficult to create a half weft with excellent quality like Vin Hair Vendor. 

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